Van Oord company visited Composit

Two weeks ago Composit was visited by Van Oord representative. Van Oord is an international world-famous company with more than century experience in the sphere of dredging works and organization of marine building. The purpose of the visit was to test Composit rubber hose, 1000 mm in diameter, which is used for carrying out dredging works in marine environment. After the tests were held by Van Oord representative, our company was given a conclusion that the hose had successfully passed all the tests and met all the technical specifications of the client. To date, the tested rubber hose has already been shipped and is in route to Van Oord company. Except for technical characteristic tests, Van Oord representative also evaluated the compliance of Composit company with international production and quality standards. The recognition of Composit products by such a world-famous European dredging company is one of the most important aims in the future development of our markets.