Shipment of Composit products to Sudan

On the 31st of August, the first shipment of a large batch of Composit products to the company from Sudan took place. The delivery included rubber hoses of 351, 200, 152 and 114 diameters, as well as the long radius rubber bends of similar diameters for use at the mining enterprise. The buyer put forward a requirement - an inspection of the shipped products before the delivery. Since Composit strictly adheres to all the requirements of the quality management system and follows the principle of an individual approach to each client, we have easily agreed to meet the customer's condition. The entire process of the hose shipment from the moment of picking up the hoses from the production workshop to packing them into the boxes and loading them into the transport was carefully inspected by the commission consisting of Composit representatives and specialists from a third-party organization acting on behalf of the client. Composit hoses with the components, as well as packaging and shipping process, were inspected without any comments from the inspectors, and all products were successfully shipped to the customer in Sudan.