The rubber hoses Composit have been tested by the representatives from Suez Canal Authority, Egypt

Composit has been manufacturing and selling rubber hoses both for Russian and foreign markets for many years. Composit supplies rubber hoses to different countries from all over the world, such as: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Azerbaidjan, Mongolia, Ukraine, India, Egypt, Poland, Peru, Chile. Egypt is one of the countries which is cooperating with Composit on acquiring rubber hoses. From 18 till 21 of September the representatives from the Suez Canal Authority with our  Egyptian dealer - U.G.E.I. visited Composit as part of business relationships. The main goal of this visit was testing of rubber hoses Composit of 850 mm diameter  to take a decision on purchasing it. According to overall conclusion our hoses have successfully passed all tests made by the Egyptian delegation. Based on this positive conclusion the Suez Canal Authority and Composit have negotiated an agreement for supplying the hoses.