Results of TECH MINING RUSSIA 2021

The closing event for the 3rd International Conference and Exhibition dedicated to technologies and innovations for the mining industry - TECH MINING RUSSIA 2021 took place on September 10. The main focus of the conference program was to demonstrate innovative technologies and developments by various enterprises and organizations involved in the mining and processing complex. This event combines the formats of an exhibition and a conference; thus, TECH MINING RUSSIA 2021 consisted of two days of intense business communication, as well as multiple reports on the technological equipment of one of the most important industries in the Russian Federation. Unlike regular exhibitions, the conference was held in a less formal setting, thus encouraging personal communication, forming new business connections, developing the mining community, and discussing the latest technologies and industry trends. By participating in the TECH MINING RUSSIA 2021 exhibition and conference, Composit received a unique opportunity to present its products and innovative developments in the mining industry, strengthen relationships with existing partners, attract new agents, and learn something new. We would like to express our gratitude to all organizers and exhibitors. We hope to see you soon next year!