Rubber-lined steel pipe


The main advantage of a rubber-lined steel pipe is its' bearing strength, thus, you do not need any additional support beams for installation. One more advantage is the possibility of use such pipes both in-house and outside to ensure the maximum efficiency of the solution.

During operation, it is necessary to take into account that steel rubber-lined pipes are not designed to compensate thermal expansion and contraction. Therefore the installation of expansion joints (lens and multi-lens) is recommended along with the steel rubber-lined pipes. Expansion joints (lens and multi-lens) are designed to compensate temperature deformations, eliminate vibration and noise during hydro-transportation (or pneumatic transportation) of abrasive materials with possible content of inorganic acids and alkalis, or gas, diesel fuel, technical oils with concentration up to 20%.

*Flange Type and PCD are done according to the Customers' Specification.