Pinch valve sleeves


COMPOSIT rubber pinch valve sleeves are used to complete pinch valves as a shut-off and regulating element.
The items are made of high-quality abrasion resistant rubber based on synthetic or natural caoutchouc, or the mixture of the materials. Depending on the type of pumped medium, it is possible to produce pinch valve sleeves using oil-and-petrol, acids and alkalis resistant or heat-resistant materials.
The power structure of the valve sleeve reinforced with cord fabric ensures stable and accident-free operation under pressure throughout the entire lifespan of the product.
COMPOSIT pinch valve sleeves are manufactured with rubber flanges, acting as gaskets, which ensures hermetic installation of pinch valves into the pipeline.
The product construction is equipped with special petals. The petals return the original form of the valve sleeve after being clamped.
Advantages of COMPOSIT pinch valve sleeve:

  • increased safety factor in comparison to not reinforced valve sleeves of other manufactures due to the use of cord fabric in the construction;
  • low rubber abrasion;
  • the construction of the pinch valve sleeve is suitable for installation into pinch valves of different manufactures;
  • the product can be exploited in various working mediums.

COMPOSIT rubber pinch valve sleeve for pinch valves are widely used and successfully exploited at enterprises of the mining and metallurgical industries.