Floating hose (PF)


Floating hose with plastic float by Composit LLC is floating hose for electrical dredger. It was specially designed for application with electrical dredgers on rivers and quarries and has special cable tranches.

The hose with plastic float for electrical dredger consists of two main items: wear-resistant rubber hose and plastic float. Wear-resistant hose has several layers of rubber and fabric assuring its` functionality. The float is made of durable linear polyethylene. It consists of two or three sections and, in practice, the normal operation of the hose requires 8 floats to be mounted on each hose section to ensure the 5% floatability with 100% load with transported material. Floats are connected to the flanges by screws and also with each other by slings to fix their position on the pipe. The design of our floating hose with plastic float is patented.

High quality and performance of floating hose with plastic float insured by:

- raw materials of the highest quality
- modern equipment according to global industry standards
- professional team devoted to our business