New Composit solution for ore processing plants

«Keep your hand on the pulse» means to follow the situation closely and offer quick solutions to the problems that arise. Composit has gone further as constant development is an integral part of our work. Due to our own R&D department we always try to foresee new potential problems our clients may have during the operating and offer innovative solutions and products. For example, if an enterprise requires two inputs and one output, with the possibility of closing the entrances in turn, Composit proposes to use its new product – an autoball. An autoball is a rubber-lined steel bend with a neck located in the middle of the outer formation and perpendicular thereto. Rubber-lined steel transitions (entrances) are fixed to the flanges of the withdrawal and are connected to the lines, and a rubber-lined steel ball located inside the bend helps to close the line which is not in working condition. After activation of the working pump as the pressure inside the article increases, the ball moves to the inactive inlet, hermetically closing it. Autoball is suitable for operation at the enterprises of the mining complex on pumping lines. This product automates the switching process between main and duplicate pumps and reduces the number of shut-off fittings used in the enterprise.