Closing of Mining World Russia 2021

The 22nd of April was the final day of Mining World Russia 2021. This year 166 companies from 20 countries took part in the exhibition, located in two halls of pavilion No. 1 of the Crocus Expo IEC. About 4400 specialists from the mining industry visited the exposition and got acquainted with the equipment and other products of the participants and the business program of the exhibition. At the event, Composit representatives were able to meet our clients and partners, as well as establish new contacts with mining companies for further profitable cooperation. Despite the overwhelming number of participants from Russia and the CIS countries, Composit products have attracted special interest from foreign companies. Increased wear resistance, high quality, ability to work even in hard-to-reach areas, and long experience in operation at the mining enterprises differentiates our products in the world pipeline market. The result of the exhibition for Composit company was not only the acquisition and establishment of relations with Russian and foreign partners but also the acquaintance with the products of the companies that took part in the event, as well as the exchange of experience with specialists in the mining industry. We are looking forward to taking part in the 26th Mining World Russia Exhibition of Machines and Equipment for Mining, Processing, and Transportation of Mineral Resources!

13 05 2021 / - COMPOSIT
Opening of MWR 2021

Today, the 25th International Exhibition of Machinery and Equipment for Mining, Processing and Transportation of Minerals-Mining World Russia 2021 has started at the Crocus Expo IEC in Moscow. For Composit, participation in this event has already become a good annual tradition. The exhibition MWR provides us with a unique opportunity to meet in one place and at one time our partners and clients with whom we have long-term cooperation, as well as to establish new contacts with companies and specialists in the mining industry. Composit representatives have been actively involved in the work since the opening of the exhibition and have been meeting visitors at our stand for the whole day. We invite everyone involved in the mining, processing and transportation of minerals to take part in the Mining World Russia 2021, which will be held from April 20 to 23. To get a free e-ticket, use our unique promo code: mwr21eZMOT. Composit booth number is B4035, Hall 3, Pavilion 1. We will be glad to see everyone!

20 04 2021 / - COMPOSIT
Composit expands the geography of supply

Step by step, Composit is approaching its goal of becoming a leader manufacturer of rubber hoses and steel rubber-lined products. The constant expansion of the geographical distribution of products is one of the main components of successful work in this area. To achieve this goal, Composit specialists regularly work to develop new regions. For example, this summer Composit is going to make its first shipment to the Philippines. The shipment will include a batch of steel rubber-lined products for the use in a gold factory. Despite Composit vast experience with mining companies, the new region is always a new and interesting challenge in product delivery, installation and maintenance. Therefore, we are looking forward to the successful achievement of all our goals.

20 04 2021 / - COMPOSIT
New Composit solution for ore processing plants

«Keep your hand on the pulse» means to follow the situation closely and offer quick solutions to the problems that arise. Composit has gone further as constant development is an integral part of our work. Due to our own R&D department we always try to foresee new potential problems our clients may have during the operating and offer innovative solutions and products. For example, if an enterprise requires two inputs and one output, with the possibility of closing the entrances in turn, Composit proposes to use its new product – an autoball. An autoball is a rubber-lined steel bend with a neck located in the middle of the outer formation and perpendicular thereto. Rubber-lined steel transitions (entrances) are fixed to the flanges of the withdrawal and are connected to the lines, and a rubber-lined steel ball located inside the bend helps to close the line which is not in working condition. After activation of the working pump as the pressure inside the article increases, the ball moves to the inactive inlet, hermetically closing it. Autoball is suitable for operation at the enterprises of the mining complex on pumping lines. This product automates the switching process between main and duplicate pumps and reduces the number of shut-off fittings used in the enterprise.

26 03 2021 / - COMPOSIT
Сomposit for Continuous Development!

We try to provide regular training and development activities for our employees. Recently, the CEO of the company, Sergey Degtiarev has held the training event «Simply about complicated», where he shared his knowledge on the topic of goal setting and proven ways to achieve them. In the nearest future we are planning to continue the series of lectures and workshops for the company staff. Stay tuned.

18 03 2021 / - COMPOSIT
Composit at the IV Congress “Hydraulic Structures and Dredging”

Today, in the realities of the difficult economic and epidemiological situation in the country, the main headache for Russian companies engaged in the field of dredging and underwater technical works is a number of issues: How and where to look for dredging projects? Where to get financial sources for their implementation? What methods and technologies of the dredging industry are used in their activities by Russian and foreign companies? All these issues, as well as the best international practices in the field of hydraulic structures and dredging, will be put on the agenda at the IV Congress "Hydraulic Structures and Dredging", which combines two events at once: the VIII International Forum of Dredging Companies and the IV Technical Conference "Modern Solutions for dredging works ". The forum and conference are held on March 10 and 11 in Moscow at the RF Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Composit, as one of the leading manufacturers of wear-resistant hoses for dredging in Russia, has been a constant participant of the Congress for several years in a row, and 2021, despite the coronavirus ups and downs, fortunately, was no exception for us. In addition to participating in these events, Composit is sponsoring the International Forum of Dredging Companies. At the congress, our representatives are planning to hold meetings with the largest representatives of the industry, and will make a presentation on the topic: "Wear-resistant technologies for dredging" as leading experts in their field. IV Congress "Hydraulic Structures and Dredging" is an event that should be in the mandatory program of attendance for any company associated with the industry of dredging and hydraulic engineering. Composit invites everyone from 10 to 11 March to become a part of this event and get a unique opportunity to meet and establish contact with customers and successful performers of underwater technical work in one place. See you in Moscow!

11 03 2021 / - COMPOSIT
Composit at PDAC Convention 2021

After a series of lockdowns and prolonged "exhibition holidays", Composit finally gets back on track and in 2021 begins to participate in industry events again. From March 7 to 10, our company will become a part of the PDAC Convention 2021 event as an exhibitor. The PDAC Convention exhibition and conference is the largest platform for meetings of specialists and representatives of mining companies. From year to year, the popularity of this event is only growing: last year, the 88th PDAC Convention attracted 23,144 visitors from more than 130 countries. Why is PDAC attractive and useful for any participant: - its informative technical program; -high-quality short courses. An exhibition that brings together more than 350 organizations from all over the world in one place; - potential resource companies participating in the Investors Exchange. This year, despite the new online format of the event, each participant will be able to get a lot of advantages: communication with other representatives of the mining industry, attending thematic classes, meeting with exhibiting companies, participating in meaningful conversations in online halls and safe video meetings with potential or existing partners. Composit invites all interested parties to visit or participate in PDAC Convention 2021! Do not miss the unique opportunity to communicate in real time with colleagues and business leaders using secure web conferencing technology.

20 02 2021 / - COMPOSIT
MineXchange SME Annual Conference & Expo 2021

Composit will participate in the MineXchange SME Annual Conference & Expo from March 1-5, 2021. The event has been the most anticipated technical conference in the mining industry for many years. Due to the unfavorable epidemiological situation in the world, the MineXchange SME Annual Conference & Expo will be held online, which, however, will not prevent all participants from receiving useful information about new products, comprehensive services and solutions offered by companies related to the mining industry. The 2021 conference program will be a dynamic mix of live presentations and poster sessions. The event will discuss a number of the most important topics related to the processing of bulk materials, mineral and metallurgical processing, mining, geological exploration and other areas of the mining industry. In addition to the technical conference, all MineXchange SME Annual Conference & Expo 2021 attendees will have the opportunity to attend a virtual exhibition where exhibiting companies can present and demonstrate their products and services.

21 01 2021 / - COMPOSIT
Happy New Year!

Dear partners and clients! Our company wishes you a Happy New Year! We are looking forward to continuing our business partnership in 2021. Best regards, Composit LLC. We'd like to remind you that our company will be on vacation from 31.12.2020 to 11.01.2021. All your applications will be processed on the 11th of January. Thank you for understanding.

27 12 2020 / - COMPOSIT
Shipment of rubber-lined hoses to Macedonia

Composit continues to expand its presence in the foreign markets, working both directly with end customers and through our official dealers. In general, the Composit dealer network is constantly evolving, and the number of partners who can supply our products to different countries of the world is steadily increasing. In July, Composit shipped rubber-lined hoses to Macedonia through the high-tech industrial equipment supplier, Alphatech. Two 10-meter rubber-lined hoses with ID 200 mm, equipped with gaskets and couplings, were sent to the end customer. In early September the hoses were installed at the site for pumping abrasive liquids, and  in October the technical specialists of the buying company shared  the photo  of  the  hoses  in operation.

01 11 2020 / - COMPOSIT
Shipment of Composit hoses to Hungary

Composit continues to raise sales of its products in the global market. The plant is constantly supplying hoses and components to different regions, both near and far abroad. For example, in June Composit produced and shipped 5.5 m hoses with ID 457 mm, equipped with gaskets and couplings, which afterwards were installed at the facility of a Hungarian company in late August - early September. The installation, which includes our hoses, is meant for classifying the sand-gravel mixture into different fractions. Composit hoses are installed here on the discharge line. After one month of successful operation, the Hungarian customer shared the photos of the hoses at their installation site.

05 10 2020 / - COMPOSIT
Shipment of Composit products to Sudan

On the 31st of August, the first shipment of a large batch of Composit products to the company from Sudan took place. The delivery included rubber hoses of 351, 200, 152 and 114 diameters, as well as the long radius rubber bends of similar diameters for use at the mining enterprise. The buyer put forward a requirement - an inspection of the shipped products before the delivery. Since Composit strictly adheres to all the requirements of the quality management system and follows the principle of an individual approach to each client, we have easily agreed to meet the customer's condition. The entire process of the hose shipment from the moment of picking up the hoses from the production workshop to packing them into the boxes and loading them into the transport was carefully inspected by the commission consisting of Composit representatives and specialists from a third-party organization acting on behalf of the client. Composit hoses with the components, as well as packaging and shipping process, were inspected without any comments from the inspectors, and all products were successfully shipped to the customer in Sudan.

03 09 2020 / - COMPOSIT
Shipment of Composit floating hoses

Since the cancellation of the quarantine measures, Composit has been actively involved in the work process allowing the plant to recover 100% of its previous production volumes. At the moment production works at its full capacity. Every day the products are shipped, and rubber hoses are sent to the customers from all over the world. Composit flexible floating hoses with ID 500 are being prepared for the shipment to Argentina. The hoses have already been successfully tested by Composit and are ready for operating at the customer facility. We hope that the hoses will provide the best performance and the client will be satisfied with the choice of Composit products.

13 08 2020 / - COMPOSIT
About the operating mode untill 30 April

Dear partners and customers, according to the decree of the President of the Russian Federation № 239 of 2 April «On extending of non-working days until 30 April», Composit office personnel keeps working remotely. Our production corps, in turn, has started to work as usual, complying with the individual protection requirements. Thus, our company keeps receiving the requests and filling the orders for our products, and keeps also shipping the manufactured products to the customers. All your applications will be processed on the telephone number +74712 200600 and trough the e-mail address Our managers will contact you during the day after getting your request. We hope all restrictive activities will be finished and the epidemiological situation will improve soon.

22 04 2020 / - COMPOSIT
Composit at the exhibition Bauma CTT RUSSIA

In 2021 Composit company will participate in the exhibition Bauma CTT RUSSIA, which has been held in Moscow for 20 years. Bauma CTT RUSSIA is the largest exhibition in the Russian Federation and Eastern Europe including all main areas of construction equipment. The event is also a place to meet for machine building professionals. Accordingly, Bauma CTT RUSSIA is the most important communication platform in Russia, LPG and Eastern Europe. The main advantage of this exhibition is a high level of attendance. For example, in 2019 more than 22000 visitors from 55 countries and 71 Russian regions took part in Bauma CTT RUSSIA, that gave an opportunity to increase sales and to expand customer base for all companies. Besides, at the exhibition the leaders of construction industry present their latest developments and share their future plans. One of the specific features of Bauma CTT RUSSIA is a unique business program. Within the exhibition СTT Forum is held.  This forum is a new format of business, which unites more than 20 different events that will be held at the Hall Crocus Expo. Composit invites all companies working in machine building industry and other participants to visit the exhibition Bauma CTT RUSSIA. Participating in this event gives a great opportunity to get acquainted with advanced achievements of main areas of construction equipment, establish new business connections, expand customer and supplier base.

22 04 2020 / - COMPOSIT
Important information

Dear partners and customers, according to the decree of the President of the Russian Federation № 206 of 25 March this week from 30.03.2020 to 03.04.2020 is declared to be non-working. For this period of time Composit company will be working remotely. All your applications will be processed on the telephone number +74712 200600 and trough the e-mail address Our managers will contact you during the day after getting your request. We hope the situation will improve soon.

01 04 2020 / - COMPOSIT
Composit rubber hose for marine conditions operation

Composit company has been manufacturing wear-resistant rubber hoses for mining and dredging industries for many years. Despite the fact that our products are flexible, lightweight and easy to install in comparison with metal hoses, they still retain the possibility of exploitation in severe climatic conditions, transport highly abrasive materials and be successfully exposed to mechanical bending without loss of its properties. That’s the point why Composit hoses have a long service life and a low level of clients complaints. Moreover, the representatives of our company regularly visit the facilities where Composit hoses are exploited in order to perform author’s supervision and timely monitoring of possible problems. All these arrangements give an opportunity to solve the problems which may be caused by incorrect exploitation or installation. According to all named facts, after years of non-stop operation Composit hoses receive positive feedbacks from our clients. For example, after two-years exploitation by a famous Holland company Composit rubber hose for marine conditions of 550 mm diameter has saved its original form and construction and hasn’t received any complaints from the customer.

24 03 2020 / - COMPOSIT

Dear ladies, Composit company wishes you Happy Women’s day! P. S. We'd like to remind you that our company will be on vacation from 07.03.2020 to 09.03.2020. All your applications will be processed on the 10th of March. Thank you for understanding.

06 03 2020 / - COMPOSIT
MineXchange 2020 SME Annual Conference & Expo

From 23rd till 26th of February Composit took part in the conference MineXchange 2020 SME Annual Conference & Expo. More than 6000 of visitors attended the conference, about 600 industry speakers made the reports on topic of the latest achievements and innovations, and 575 exhibitors presented their products and companies at the exhibition booths. The conference programme consisted of not only the exhibition with the latest mining achievements, but also other activities aimed at establishing stable and long-term connection between all participants. Composit took part in MineXchange 2020 SME Annual Conference & Expo as an exhibitor and presented our product range for mining industry.

28 02 2020 / - COMPOSIT
RIU Explorers Conference 2020

Yesterday Composit representatives took part in the industry mining conference RIU Explorers 2020, which was held from 18th to 20th of February in Perth, Australia. The RIU Explorers Conference has earned a reputation as the major Australian forum for the junior resources sector, with mineral exploration companies and emerging new miners attracting an ever-growing group of brokers, fund managers and investors to hear their presentations. Exhibitors and delegates from Australia and other part of the world take part in this event annually. The conference has doubled in size in just five years; 2015 compared to 2020 the number of the exhibitors has increased from 55 to 100, and the number of the registered visitors has increased from 700 to 1435. At the conference Composit representatives discussed with several mining companies about prospects for future cooperation.

20 02 2020 / - COMPOSIT
Happy Birthday, Composit!

Today is a special day for our company – Composit’s Birthday! We are celebrating 28 years of successful activity, constant quest for good reputation and perfect quality under our belt. Congratulations to everybody, who has put their souls and hearts into the company development and prosperity. We also thank all of our personnel for the work done and hope for the promising future. Happy Birthday!

07 02 2020 / - COMPOSIT
Composit company will take part in the VII International Forum of Dredging Companies

Composit will be a sponsor of the VII International Forum of Dredging Companies, which will take place in Moscow, February 26-27. The Forum will be held in the framework of the Dredging and Hydraulic Engineering Structures Congress at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. The event is organized by the leading maritime industry media group PortNews. Approximately 250 companies are about to visit the event. The congress delegates will discuss all Russian port projects from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok and special attention will be also paid to Arctic and Northern Sea Route infrastructure development projects and river hydraulic structures construction. Work discussions in the framework of the forum will be devoted to the issues of engineering and new hydraulic structures construction, increasing of dredging efficiency, use of modern equipment, carrying out diagnostic works and the features of organization of diving works at the port and shelf facilities. At this forum the head of sales department of Composit A. Nevzorov will present the samples of our company products. He will also touch on the issues covering practical ways of carrying out dredging works with use of wear-resistant rubber hoses Composit.

28 01 2020 / - COMPOSIT
Composit is going to MineXchange 2020 SME Annual Conference & Expo

From 23d to 26th of February Composit company will be participating in the event MineXchange 2020 SME Annual Conference & Expo, which will take place at Phoenix, USA. MineXchange 2020 SME Annual Conference & Expo is the only conference dedicated to all disciplines of mining engineering. Featuring a wide variety of technical sessions and speakers combined with an expansive exhibit hall, MineXchange attracts thousands of mining professionals from around the world. As a four-day interdisciplinary educational experience – including a premier three-day, technical program – the SME Annual Conference & Expo is widely recognized as the most distinguished forum for the publication of multidisciplinary mining research. Additionally, the expansive Expo provides close-up views of the latest in mining technology and innovations, providing hands-on opportunities for creative collaboration with leading industry vendors. At the conference MineXchange 2020 visitors can get a firsthand look at new products, comprehensive services and integrated solutions offered by the exhibitors. With more than 750 booths, the event provides companies with the opportunity to meet more vendors than any other industry conference. Composit will be taking part in the conference MineXchange 2020 as an exhibitor. Our company will present the samples of flexible rubber hoses used in mining and processing complex. Composit representatives will be glad to see you at our stand number 1721. Welcome everyone!

17 01 2020 / - COMPOSIT
Happy New Year!

Dear partners! Our company wishes you a Happy New Year! We are looking forward to continuing our business partnership in 2020. Best regards, Composit LLC. We'd like to remind you that our company will be on vacation from 30.12.2019 to 09.01.2020. All your applications will be processed on the 9th of January.

28 12 2019 / - COMPOSIT
Van Oord company visited Composit

Two weeks ago Composit was visited by Van Oord representative. Van Oord is an international world-famous company with more than century experience in the sphere of dredging works and organization of marine building. The purpose of the visit was to test Composit rubber hose, 1000 mm in diameter, which is used for carrying out dredging works in marine environment. After the tests were held by Van Oord representative, our company was given a conclusion that the hose had successfully passed all the tests and met all the technical specifications of the client. To date, the tested rubber hose has already been shipped and is in route to Van Oord company. Except for technical characteristic tests, Van Oord representative also evaluated the compliance of Composit company with international production and quality standards. The recognition of Composit products by such a world-famous European dredging company is one of the most important aims in the future development of our markets.

25 12 2019 / - COMPOSIT
Composit at the annual meeting of the SME Arizona conference

From the 8th to the 12th of December Composit representatives were taking part in the SME Arizona conference, USA. The annual meeting of the SME Arizona conference is a comprehensive professional development meeting of the mining industry in the southwest of the USA, specifically Arizona. The conference program covers the latest developments on mining projects and technical innovations in the areas of mining, geology, metallurgy, environmental, new projects and blasting, in the Southwest United States and Northern Mexico. It is a focused event unique to the challenges and opportunities of the mining business in the desert southwest. The Annual Meeting of the SME Arizona Conference is the top regional conference to meet professionals. Whether you are looking to reconnect with old acquaintances or expand your professional network, the Annual Meeting of the SME Arizona Conference provides you the opportunity to do both in this Southwest-focused conference featuring regional specific technical sessions, speakers and conference activities. The conference brings together some of the brightest minds in the mining industry, specifically those professionals who have a connection and understanding of the Southwest mining industry. Composit became a part of this event in order to get acquainted with the latest developments of the mining industry in the southwest of the USA. Our company, for its part, presented the samples of flexible slurry hoses used in mining and processing complex.  

12 12 2019 / - COMPOSIT
Composit at the Annual Meeting of WEDA Gulf Coast Chapter 2019

This November Composit took part in the Fall 2019 Gulf Coast Chapter of the Western Dredging Association (WEDA) Conference. The conference was held at the San Luis Resort, Spa & Conference Center in Galveston, Texas, from Tuesday, November 12th, to Thursday, November 14, 2019. The meeting  provided a forum for the exchange of information and interests to the dredging industry and its associates. Representatives from all aspects of the industry, including regulatory, resource agencies, contracting, and manufacturing, attended the event in order to discuss dredging, its economic benefits, technologies and current issues facing the industry. The program of the conference consisted of Ice Breaker Social, technical presentations and a luncheon program. Composit representatives were pleased to participate in the Annual Meeting of WEDA Gulf Coast Chapter and to get acquainted with reports of other participants.

28 11 2019 / - COMPOSIT
The delivery of Composit hose to Hungary

In October Composit company supplied the hose of its own production to the facility of a big Hungarian company. We supplied Composit hoses with couplings of 402 mm diameter and 5800 mm in length. This year Composit has initiated effective cooperation with this customer-company for the first time. The first acquaintance with the representatives of Hungarian company took place at the exhibition in April, where our potential customers expressed high level of interest in the samples of Composit products. The next stage of cooperation development was a visit of Composit representatives to Hungary, to the facilities where our hoses could be effectively exploited. As a result of this visit, the agreements for trial delivery of Composit products were reached and the partnership was officially established. To date, Composit hoses with couplings were successfully installed at the customer-company and now they are an integral part of production process.

20 11 2019 / - COMPOSIT