Emotional Intelligence for Composit Employees

A strong and cohesive team is essential for any large organization that wants to be successful. Composit makes sure that each employee has a corporate life that is as rich and eventful as possible. Our company regularly arranges ongoing educational, training, sports, and cultural events. Recently, we organized a meeting for Composit employees with a practicing psychologist Irina Shumakova, who spoke on the topic of "emotional intelligence." Emotional intelligence or EQ is the ability to recognize and manage emotions, intentions, motivations, desires, etc. This skill helps to solve practical problems and achieve goals that you set in your personal life and at work. People with a high EQ know how to negotiate with others and respond properly to negative situations. Emotional intelligence skills are becoming more and more relevant in the current state of life and team relationships. This is because when you constantly interact with people, it is vital to maintain a calm and positive attitude, as well as to be able to influence people’s moods for the better. For example, if necessary, you must be able to help them feel calm when they are feeling anxious. These days, many employers measure the EQ of future candidates during the hiring process. This further proves the importance of this skill for modern people. Composit employees were very impressed by the training event. Many were able to reconsider their personal and business positions and left highly motivated to develop and improve themselves. We express our gratitude to all the organizers of the event, as well as to our employees who are always ready to learn.