The delivery of Composit hose to Hungary

In October Composit company supplied the hose of its own production to the facility of a big Hungarian company.
We supplied Composit hoses with couplings of 402 mm diameter and 5800 mm in length.
This year Composit has initiated effective cooperation with this customer-company for the first time.
The first acquaintance with the representatives of Hungarian company took place at the exhibition in April, where our potential customers expressed high level of interest in the samples of Composit products.
The next stage of cooperation development was a visit of Composit representatives to Hungary, to the facilities where our hoses could be effectively exploited.
As a result of this visit, the agreements for trial delivery of Composit products were reached and the partnership was officially established.
To date, Composit hoses with couplings were successfully installed at the customer-company and now they are an integral part of production process.