Composit Supplies Large-Diameter Hoses

Composit has been manufacturing and selling large-diameter, wear-resistant rubber-lined steel hoses and other products used for pumping abrasive slurry, which are most often applied in the mining industry, for many years. In 2021, Composit took part in a large-scale project to construct a technological site for one of the leading enterprises of the Russian Federation. Our role was to ship rubber-lined steel hoses that we manufactured. Within the framework of this program, Composit has developed wear-resistant hoses with an internal rubber layer and diameter over 1300 mm. The hoses were custom-made, taking into account all technical possibilities and wishes of the end-user. The hose branch supplied includes various types of products: one was rubber-fabric wear-resistant hoses with high flexibility, which is necessary for working in cramped conditions. Another product was rubber-lined self-supporting hoses of multiple lengths, which protect from external weather conditions - in turn, increasing the service life of hoses and positively affecting the economic efficiency in general. Composit always tries to find the best solution and provide the clients with cooperation on favorable terms. We hope that our customers will be satisfied with the quality of the delivered products.