Composit rubber hose for marine conditions operation

Composit company has been manufacturing wear-resistant rubber hoses for mining and dredging industries for many years. Despite the fact that our products are flexible, lightweight and easy to install in comparison with metal hoses, they still retain the possibility of exploitation in severe climatic conditions, transport highly abrasive materials and be successfully exposed to mechanical bending without loss of its properties. That’s the point why Composit hoses have a long service life and a low level of clients complaints. Moreover, the representatives of our company regularly visit the facilities where Composit hoses are exploited in order to perform author’s supervision and timely monitoring of possible problems. All these arrangements give an opportunity to solve the problems which may be caused by incorrect exploitation or installation. According to all named facts, after years of non-stop operation Composit hoses receive positive feedbacks from our clients. For example, after two-years exploitation by a famous Holland company Composit rubber hose for marine conditions of 550 mm diameter has saved its original form and construction and hasn’t received any complaints from the customer.