Composit representatives participated in the workshop

Composit employees regularly participate in exhibitions, forums and seminars, presenting company products there. They also attend many training courses, which give an opportunity to gain precious knowledge and experience that can be successfully applied in future. This year, our employees have collectively attended the training of the famous Russian manager Maxim Batyrev entitled“Managing complex subordinates”, he told about the main types of complex subordinates and the step-by-step technology of working with them have been dismantled. This was not the first time of visiting his trainings by our managers. Earlier, our team took Maxim Batyrev’s classes, and moreover, every manager read the books of this author on management and sales. Maxim Batyrev (Kombat) is a well-known Russian manager, winner of the awards “Commercial Director of the Year”, “Manager of the Year”, “Business Author of the Year” and “Business Speaker of the Year”, author of super-bestsellers “45 Tattoos of the Manager” (the best business book of 2014), “45 Tattoos Sold” and "45 personality tattoos." Maxim has gone from an ordinary specialist to the top manager of a large Russian company. According to "Kommersant" the publishing house he is in the TOP-1000 managers of the country. He also has received an Executive MBA degree at the Institute of Business and Business Administration of the RANEPA. Composit representatives got  only positive emotions from this training and are ready to use their skills and knowledge in everyday practice.