Composit at Nevada’s mining industry Convention 2019

This year from 4th to 7th of September Composit was taking part in Nevada’s mining industry Convention, a must-attended event for any individual or company looking to expand their presence in the industry. The Nevada Mining Association Convention is about celebrating all mining things in the Silver State. For four days, miners from all over the world gathered to network, learn, and have fun. The program of the event included:
  • The reverse expo, where suppliers meet face-to-face with mine operators in a series of short meetings;
  • The NvMA Safety Awards recognize the men and women who exemplify the mining industry’s commitment to work place safety;
  • A number of informative speakers and sessions designed to keep attendees up to date on the latest happenings in Nevada and the mining industry.
Every part of the mining supply chain attended this event, from the largest mining companies in the world, to sole proprietor businesses. The convention’s relaxed environment allowed the attendees to meet and network in a pleasant atmosphere. The NvMA convention is a must-visit event of the year to attend if your business is looking to expand its presence in Nevada’s mining.