Composit hoses in the Tyumen Region

In order to perform field supervision Composit members visited the object where our rubber hose was installed. The object of exploitation of this hose is situated in the Tyumen Region, where are a lot of companies successfully coordinating with Composit. The hose of 530 mm diameter and 100 m length is supplied with universal plastic float (UPF) and has floating construction. As a result of this visit, Composit members found out that the installed floating hose was effectively working without any reproaches and complaints from our company-client. At large the Tyumen Region is very interesting for the branch of hydralicking because there are thousands of square kilometers of wetlands according to physiographical map and resources of drainage soil usable for dumping and elaborated in traditional dry way are limited. Besides, high quality sands laid under the level of wetlands and at the areas of rivers and lakes are extracted by hydralicking. So Composit as one of the leading Russian manufacturers of rubber hoses is very interested in cooperation with companies from the Tyumen Region.