Composit hoses at the dredger in Azerbaijan

In February Composit took part in The Second Hydraulic Engineering Structures and Dredging Congress, which was organized by the leading industry media-group PortNews with the support of Federal Marine and River Transport Agency. Composit representatives got acquainted with the latest dredging information and news. There were two thematic magazines: the new February issue of «Port News» and the issue of «Magazine about dredging» of DAMEN company. Both of them placed the detailed article about carrying out dredging works in Azerbaijan  by the milling dredger CSD500 with Composit floating rubber hoses. The mentioned dredger CSD500 is one of the largest models in a range of DAMEN dredgers. It can pump about 4000 m3 of mixture of water and soil per an hour. Composit floating rubber hoses with UPF have been installed and have successfully been working at this dredger since summer of 2018. The photos of the milling dredger CSD500 with Composit floating hoses in conditions of river exploitation are also placed in the mentioned article.