Today the International Exhibition of Mining Technologies «Coal Mining Russia» has started in Novokuznetsk. It is the only project of this scale for all the branches of the mining industry in the region of the Western Siberia. This exhibition not only offers opportunities for demonstration of the latest technologies and experience exchange but also opens up new horizons for cooperation of domestic and foreign countries and future development of their partnership. The exhibition has a great influence on the growth of mining enterprises not only in its region, but in whole Russia. It also contributes to the expansion of foreign commerce and the development of export. This time 700 companies from 24 countries including Turkey, Ukraine, China, Japan, India and many other are taking t active part at the exhibition. According to the expectations of the organizers more than 40 thousand people are going to visit the exhibition this year. The attendance of «Coal Minning Russia» has become a good tradition for Composit company, as we expose our products there not for the first time. At this very moment the representatives of Composit are already receiving guests and visitors at our stand E 20, pavilion number 1. Welcome everyone!