Composit at the conference «Modern methods of using inland waterways of the Russian Federation»

From 17 to 19 of October the annual all-Russian scientific-practical conference «Modern methods of using inland waterways of the Russian Federation» held in Rostov-On-Don. Leading specialists from Ministry of Transport, Federal Transportation Inspection Service,  Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport of Russia, Russian River Register and also managing directors and leading specialists from administration of inland waterways’ basins, scientific, educational and planning organizations, Russian and foreign companies-developers, manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, used at inland waterways, public and non-commercial organizations, connected with inland water transport’s activity took part in this conference. Composit representatives delivered the presentation of Composit’s production which is needed for carrying out dredging works at inland waterways. The biggest interest was expressed to the floating hoses for operating in the marine environment, because today Composit is the one manufacturer of this kind of hoses in Russia. Besides, nowadays many companies and organizations are very interested in this kind of hoses because the question of replacement of large, uncomfortable and exhausted metallic hoses is very relevant. The photo- and video information from the object of exploitation of floating hoses Composit caused great resonance among all participants because it demonstrated convenience and positive economic effect of using these floating hoses.