A caretaker governor of the Kursk region Roman Starovoit visited Composit.

  The governor got acquainted with the production process and the range of Composit products. Also, the head of the region and the company owner also discussed the prospects of future development and plans for further capacity addition. Moreover, Roman Starovoit pointed out that our company is one of the most successful in the Kursk region. “Today we are visiting the company which produces highly competitive products. The range of Composit’s products and great quality proved by international certificates shows us innovativeness of the company. The management of Composit invests a great amount of funds and intelligent means in the development of the company. Administration of the Kursk region will support Composit by regional and federal programs, subsidizing and many other ways,» - Roman Starovoit said. Today Composit is one of the largest manufacturers of hoses for dredging and mining industry, and also tracks for snowmobiles and ATVs. More than 20 % of products are exported to the countries of near and far abroad, such as: Ukraine, the Republic of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, the UAE, Sweden, India, Iran, the USA, Canada, Finland. «Our company provides full circle production from engineering to. So, the geography of our success is quite extensive. Nowadays, we are leaders of the industry in Russia and we want to develop our export potential. Composit is working through supplies to the USA, Canada, Europe, Africa, » - Composit’s owner Sergey Degtyarev said. Last year Composit finished the realization of the investment project. The company built a new workshop for assembling of hoses of 1200 mm diameter. That allowed to widen the range of Composit products. The cost of this project was 250 million rubles. The source: http://new.op46.ru