How to Buy Composit Products

Each client and application is vital to Composit. That's why we strive to create a convenient way to contact our company specifically for you! It should be noted that Composit manufactures and sells products in various areas, one of which is the production for the industries of mining and dredging. Our employees actively analyze each request and always provide a timely response. As soon as the Composit team receives a request, it goes straight to processing. The received request is transferred to the responsible manager to further communicate with the client and clarify key points. If necessary, a questionnaire is sent. Then, there is a thorough procedure of agreeing on the technical characteristics that constitute the customer's need. After obtaining the necessary information, everything is transferred to the design and engineering department, where our specialists are engaged in developing drawings and approving technological standards. After working through all the above points, the approved documents are passed to the l responsible manager for review and confirmation by the customer. Then, all the relevant documents are forwarded to the planning and economic department to calculate the cost of future products. At this stage, our client receives a complete commercial proposal. Then, we conclude a contract; the requested products are included in the production plan. Composit performs the manufacturing of the declared items, carries out all the necessary technological tests, and conducts the shipment of products according to the customer's wishes. Thus, Composit is very attentive and responsible for processing each request, from the moment of its receipt to the installation of products on site. We want to draw your attention to the fact that Composit strives to improve and constantly take care of its customers. We maintain a feedback loop with each of our customers, analyze the satisfaction with the quality of delivered products, and determine customer loyalty to the Composit brand. Our employees also conduct on-site events where they evaluate the quality of Composit products’ performance. We hope this information was helpful to you! You can find a full catalog of our products on the company website, Sending your request for ordering and purchasing products is possible in two ways: 1. Call us at +7(4712)-200-600 2. Send your request to